Like many home-grown businesses, Leak Detection Services, Inc. began in the basement of its founder and owner, Joseph G. Dimmick.

Initially, Mr. Dimmick began his engineering career at the US NAVY’s David Taylor Research Center, located in Annapolis, Md.

The US NAVY’s nuclear submarines often require valve maintenance, resulting in dry docking and shell removal. Similar to power plants, these subs often experienced items tagged for repair.  However the crew members would later find that most of the valves didn’t actually need repair.

Mr. Dimmick noted the need for an acoustic monitoring system that could systematically detect leaking valves while also eliminating cross-talk and background noise. Mr. Dimmick worked closely with design engineer, Lloyd Powell, to develop the plotter based AVLA.

Our current technology, The ValveAlyzer® System, is still based on the same principals.


Leak Detection Services, Inc. focuses our service on lowering heat rate, increasing output, and improving overall power plant efficiency. We do this through the identification of leaking turbine cycle isolation valves and traps. We have successfully and accurately identified over $1.5 Billion dollars of potential plant savings.