The key to success. 

Thorough test preparation is key to success.  The Team Lead works closely with site personnel to meet all site-related safety and entry requirements including personnel documentation, background checks, drug testing, and third-party vendor approvals (ISNetworld, Avetta, etc.).

A first-time valve and trap leak survey requires the completion of an engineering study that ensures a site’s unique requirements are addressed.  This service is completed before testing and assists in the determination of the test population.  A site-specific test database is created and used to prepopulate the test equipment before site arrival.

Step 1
A thorough review of plant diagrams (P&IDs) identifies the normally closed items and their associated sub-items (blocks/bypasses).

Step 2
An appropriate test plan is assigned ensuring safety, no flow interruptions, and return to as-found conditions.

Step 3
A potential impact analysis is completed and used to establish testing priority based on sound economics.

Leak-Detection-Services-test preparation graphic