Identify which valves to fix first based on efficiency impact.

The Field Services Manager completes a thorough review of every data capture, conclusion, and unique note(s).  Once completed, internal damage assessments, impact analysis, and a comprehensive written report are each completed.

Internal Damage Assessment

Acoustic data is used to predict the extent of internal valve damage as follows:

  • Large – Indicates extensive damage to both hard and soft metal.
    Body damage is likely. Seats and plugs may be cut deeply.
  • Medium – Indicates damage to the hard metal only. Lapping is the most likely repair required.
  • Small – The leak leaves no visible damage in valves is not recommended for repair based on economics.

Impact Analysis

We complete a complex analysis that evaluates each item’s ultimate production impact.  This results in a ranked order of repairs based on solid economics.

Comprehensive Reporting

A written report is compiled including findings and recommendations.  Each report is custom written and includes extensive details including recommended repairs, impact analysis, component breakdown, external observations, safety concerns, and possible controls/actuation adjustment errors.

Finally, a virtual meeting review is provided and the final PDF report is generated. Click below to request an example of a final report.

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Comprehensive Reporting

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